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Companies can’t just write checks to do good

At Fortune’s recent CEO Initiative event, some of the world’s top executives talked about doing well by doing good, and the importance of their companies’ focusing on common causes to rally around. While companies can’t directly combat acts of violence, they can energize efforts to play a positive role in society. Click below to read some interesting emerging trends to note.

6 things to keep in mind when applying the U.N.’s sustainable development goals

Everyone talks about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but does anyone know what they actually mean or how they work? Here are six things to consider when working with the SDGs, based on reflections from an industry workshop: don’t be daunted; use your value chain; you don’t need to focus on all 17 goals at once; how the SDGs add business value; the SDGs are not yet another framework; and businesses and universities are driving the agenda.


Corporate spotlight:  Mars

In September, Mars unveiled its “Sustainable in a Generation” plan, which sets a new standard for its responsible growth as a business. Mars believes that transformational, cross-industry collaboration is required to fix the extended global supply chain, and the plan leads the way by investing $1 billion to tackle threats such as climate change, poverty in its value chain and resource scarcity. The private, family-owned brand has been in business for over a century and sells its products in nearly every corner of the globe. Its six businesses — from chocolate to pet products — reach billions of consumers and earn more than $35 billion in global sales. The following interview with Mars’s Global Sustainability Director provides more insight into the program.

Salesforce launches $50 million impact fund to invest in social change startups

Salesforce continues to build a social good movement within the technology sector. Since it was founded in 1999, the cloud computing giant and its CEO, Marc Benioff, have been trailblazers in redefining "corporate social responsibility," with philanthropy baked into the company's DNA. Now it's taking that mission even further, using its powerful position in tech and its dedication to social change to fund startups with social impact at their core.



We are bridging the gap between business and social impact.

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