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In an effort to provide our clients with the information they find most relevant, we are changing things up a little for the Marie Mae Memo going forward.  Each week, we will compile and summarize the top 5 articles on corporate social impact, impact investing, and conscious capitalism from around the world, and deliver it to your inbox every Saturday morning for you to enjoy and digest.  

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Fortune released its third list of ‘Change the World’ companies this week, showing that companies not only can do well when doing good, they often do. The list includes 50 companies with JPMorgan Chase, DSM and Apple leading the charge. Click below to learn more about how they are integrating shared value thinking into their core competitive strategy to drive future growth. 

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Cotton production had largely disappeared from Haiti over the past three decades. Last month, Timberland and the NGO Smallholders Farmers Alliance (SFA) announced they have reintroduced cotton as not only a way to help revitalize the economy, but to also claw back against ongoing deforestation that has contributed to the country’s poverty epidemic.

Through this partnership, SFA will give the farmers who plant trees free cotton seeds, training and tools, while Timberland says it will purchase a certain amount of its global cotton supply from Haiti.


While corporate volunteer programs are nothing new, projects that allow workers to donate their professional expertise are a different and growing breed. Many companies see these initiatives as a way to attract and retain professionals who desire more purposeful careers. For example, Wells Fargo gives employees the opportunity to work with the Grameen Foundation’s Bankers without Borders, assisting Microfinance organizations and other enterprises focused on alleviating poverty in communities outside of the US.

More companies are encouraging employees to donate their professional expertise to nonprofit causes on company time.

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Millennials are driving a shift in how the ultra-wealthy manage their money. Family offices are focusing more on philanthropy and impact investing, according to a recent report by UBS. Over 40% of family offices are set to ramp up allocation towards sustainable or impact investments in the near term.


Multinational companies face considerable challenges to ensure the health and wellbeing of their wide network of staff and suppliers. Risks range from suppliers being involved in criminal activity to breaches of regulations on human rights. Oftentimes, local practices are drastically at odds with the standards multinational companies are (rightfully) tasked with maintaining. So how does one maintain a social license to operate that can help companies attract and retain talent and secure investment? On top of a careful selection process, companies should carry out regular audits to identify strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

Concerns are on the rise for the well-being of staff
throughout global supply chains - and that's a good thing.

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We are bridging the gap between business and social impact.

The Marie Mae workshop is a two-day intensive training course developed specifically for business owners and C-level executives. Offered once a month, the workshop assists companies in building out an integrated social impact strategy that aligns their business strategy as a whole. We help you identify where your business can uniquely make an impact in the marketplace and appeal to internal and external stakeholders. Utilizing the 5-part Marie Mae Method, we create an implementation plan for your business, and discover key metrics to track effectiveness.

Our next workshop is October 16-17. We would love for you to join us! 


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