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Take a look at the year’s most powerful ad campaigns for good

The D&AD Impact Awards honored three campaigns: for immunizations in Afghanistan, the statue of the girl on Wall Street, and a campaign against child trafficking. Click below to read more about each influential campaign.

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This browser extension will make you a more ethical shopper

Even if you’re determined to shop ethically, and support only companies who source and manufacture sustainably while treating their employees well, you’d be forgiven for having neither the time nor the energy to perform a thorough audit before each purchase you make. A new startup, Impakt, wants to do that work for you, through a browser extension that pulls up detailed information about a brand before you get going on the checkout process, and offers up comparable products with a stronger ethical profile.

Charities are becoming more professional

The more minds thinking about how to improve the world, the better. Some fear, though, that if the line between charities and businesses fades further, donors and volunteers may become less willing to give away their money and time. But a charity that learns from business how to do good better should be able to persuade them.

Charmin and Bounty Manufacturing Now Powered by Biomass

This week, Procter & Gamble opened a new biomass plant in Albany, Ga. The plant is powered by renewable materials such as wood chips, pecan shells, and peanuts hulls. In an effort to move away from natural gas and petroleum-powered plants, the new biomass plant will create 100 percent of the steam used to run the P&G Albany Charmin and Bounty plant.

Impact investing

Whether it concerns climate change, supply chains, human rights or corruption, investors increasingly seek to better understand the impact that their investments are having. One recent Bank of America press release states that three-quarters of investors want to work with an advisor who offers investment strategies that result in competitive returns and positive impact. An even higher percentage of millennials want to make a connection between financial and societal outcomes — as high as 86 percent, according to a recent Morgan Stanley analysis. But can investors really have a positive impact with their investment dollars while also maximizing financial returns?



We are bridging the gap between business and social impact.

The Marie Mae workshop is a two-day intensive training course developed specifically for business owners and C-level executives. Offered once a month, the workshop assists companies in building out an integrated social impact strategy that aligns their business strategy as a whole. We help you identify where your business can uniquely make an impact in the marketplace and appeal to internal and external stakeholders. Utilizing the 5-part Marie Mae Method, we create an implementation plan for your business, and discover key metrics to track effectiveness.

Our next workshop is October 16-17. We would love for you to join us!


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