You know that economic empowerment – through business – is the quickest path to improving someone’s quality of life.

But success in business without education?

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  • Each item purchased equals one hour of training for one person at the Marie Mae Business School. 

  • The Marie Mae Business School includes classes and training for women and entrepreneurs around the world, in places such as Rwanda, where we hosted the inaugural Marie Mae Business School in 2015. The current business school is ongoing in Dallas, Texas empowering trafficking survivors with the business skills they need to succeed.

  • Armed with practical business skills – like public speaking, business planning, market research and contract negotiation – these individuals improve not only the quality of life for themselves and their families but that of their communities.

Meet Xavera

Picture her at a desk. She’s listening, taking notes and preparing to present a new product she wants to market. You might envision her in a gleaming classroom on any U.S. college campus. 

She’s not. Xavera lives in Rwanda.

She was one of about a dozen women who took part in the inaugural Marie Mae Business School at No. 41, a Rwandan artisan cooperative. Xavera and her colleagues enjoyed a week of in-depth, specially tailored training with Marie Mae Founder Jillian Ryan earlier this year.  A manager at No. 41, Xavera was already a skilled seamstress – but running a business? That was another story. 

“I was thinking that when people go back to the United States after visiting Rwanda, we don’t have a market,” she said. “But Marie Mae Business School taught me how to find my own market.”

During a brainstorming session with Jillian, Xavera identified a niche market for her products within the local community: the local school system. Could she approach the local school leaders and pitch an idea to produce all of their students’ uniforms? Armed with the skills she learned during the Marie Mae Business School, Xavera is doing just that, right now.

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