Do you like working with strangers? Neither do we. 

Throughout our supply chain, everybody knows our name, and we know theirs. Your paper is sourced from a local paper mill in upstate New York. Your printing is handled by a family-owned print shop in Dallas. These are just two of the many small businesses with whom we work – people who take pride in their craftsmanship and take care of their employees. Read below to see how we’ve meticulously woven social impact and environmental sustainability throughout our business.

The result? Products with quality you can feel – and feel good about. 

Our Notebooks

We work with only family owned, US based production partners on all of our paper goods. This allows us to develop relationships with the people making our products to always ensure good working conditions and wages for them and the highest quality for our customers. A quality you can feel. This extends to even the paper we use in our products. Our paper is made by a US manufacturer in upstate NY that is working hard to ensure environmental sustainability and good working conditions for their employees. When visiting the mill in 2018, it was amazing to see the sheer amount of water conservation efforts in place, the efforts to use recycled pulp whenever and wherever possible, harnessing wind energy to power the mill, and most importantly to us - we were able to see the pride and smiles of the true craftsmen that were working in the mill to make our paper. All of our notebooks are fully recyclable, and a good percentage of the paper composition is made from post consumer waste - what can't be made from post consumer waste is all sourced from fully certified sustainable and renewable wood sources (more about that certification and what it means here).

our horn products

Our horn products are an amazing sustainability story. For more information on the artisans we work with and the backstory on this precious resource, please see this article.

Our Leather Products

Again, we work with only artisan groups we know and trust, and all of our leather products are sourced from amazing leather artisans we have been working with for years. They know the local tanners personally, all of our leather is a by-product of the meat industry, and all of our leather is vegetable tanned. You may read more about our production partner and their wonderful mission here.